Saturday, March 21, 2009


An interesting viewpoint of the role of women in Thailand society has been making its way into the world informational pool. The women of Thailand are known for their beauty. Their beautiful faces and dainty build make them very attractive to some types of Western males.

During the time of Japanese subjugation of this area of the world, Japanese soldiers were the first to force Thailand women into prostitution. Then the American presence in the area during the Vietnam era fostered literally thousands of Thailand women into prostitution in order to service the American men who visited Thailand looking for R & R.

There was a dearth of jobs in Thailand following the removal of Americans from Vietnam which was fairly rapidly filled by Thai governmental officials by encouraging tourism as the economic base of the country. It seems a rather natural progression that sex tours would be promoted at least unofficially in order to bring income to the country. In fact orientation sessions for young Thailand women have been known to explain to them that they are providing a patriotic duty for their country by offering their bodies for sale.

The majority of the women who are involved in prostitution in Thailand came from the agricultural areas of the country. It seems that an unfair burden is placed upon the people of the poorer classes first to provide the export products of the country—largely rice, and second to provide their young women for the steady stream of prostitutes who pass through the bars, go-go clubs, coffee houses and massage parlors in Thailand.

Thai culture is still one in which the elders are revered and young people, particularly young females are expected to help and provide for their families. It is not surprising therefore, when a rural farm family that is extremely poor will sacrifice a daughter for the income that she can produce as a prostitute. She views herself as a patriot as well as the savior of her family and not as a person with rights.

There is always the spark of hope in the young Thailand women that she will catch the fancy of some wealthy Westerner and be married - not for love or even for herself, but so that she may help her family.

The hope is by education of both males and females into an awareness of the insidiousness of the double pronged pressure on females, there may eventually be a lessening of the disregard for Thailand women.

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